For music lovers – and for people who believe in the power of paying attention. Here’s our story.

We were founded in England by David Ray. David has always worked with and been fascinated by technology. He is also devoted to music of all kinds. Back in 2012, however, he realised something was missing. Digital audio had become his go-to medium when he wanted to listen to music. But it wasn’t working for him anymore. The connection just wasn’t there.

‘It was like I was listening to music from another room through a partly open door,’ he says.

He then dug out a few favourite CDs.
‘Believe it or not, I played the first one through a games console. But even then, the music started to come to life. It dawned on me that digital compression was ruining my listening enjoyment.’



David – a natural-born problem-solver – decided to do something about the digital compression problem. So he put together a small team of specialists who immediately embraced the big idea.  

‘I needed a way to store my CD collection digitally but in an uncompressed format, and play it back on equipment that brought out all the detail I’d been missing.’

After years of building prototypes, testing and testing again, David discovered the ideal technical formula to make it happen – and bring the Melos Audio Triniti to life.
He then set about making it beautiful.

‘Sure, there are products out there that kind of did the technical stuff. But they are either ridiculously expensive, painfully ugly, awkward to use or a healthy combination of all three. So I got to work with my product designer to create something elegantly simple and stylish. I wanted it to look softer and less masculine than other products on the market. That way it would integrate perfectly with any home or workplace.’

David also wanted Triniti to be solidly built using sustainable materials. This is why every unit comprises three main materials: aircraft-grade, 3mm sheet aluminium; sustainably sourced walnut; and 2mm toughened glass. Each is either infinitely recyclable or biodegradable. There’s no plastic in any part of the product enclosure.


As for the software to run on Triniti, David chose Roon, ‘the music player for music lovers’


‘I’d heard great things about Roon. So I trialled it and was blown away by how much it added to the listening experience. I emailed the company’s chief executive Enno Vandemeer praising him for the product. Enno got back to me within a few hours. We talked and realised that we had awful lot in common. Soon after that, Melos became part of Roon’s exclusive Partner Program.’


The creation of the Melos Audio Triniti has been a long road, full of fascinating challenges. Our small team is united and driven by the uplifting power of music. And we love what we’ve made.

We hope you will too.