Bringing a new, high resolution, digital audio product to market is hard work.  Really hard work.
It's taken a huge amount of time and effort to bring Triniti to life and without the expertise of the very talented team that make up Melos Audio, it simply wouldn't have happened.
We've burnt the midnight oil, exchanged literally thousands of emails, spent weeks on conference calls, laughed much, cried a few times and become good friends throughout the course of it all.  
Below are the team behind Melos Audio.

Meet our Team:

Dave Ray
Founder & Owner - Melos Audio Ltd
Likes: High-res audio, wine & sunsets
My Album: Leftism by Leftfield
Tim Frearson
Product Strategy
Likes: Live music, travel & innovation
My Album: Tourist History by Two Door Cinema Club


Rich Andrews
Product Design
Likes: The unconventional, craftsmanship & fresh air
My Album: Play by Moby
Roy Bunce
Electrical Design & Engineering
Likes: Flying light aircraft and restoring classic cars
My Album: Basket of Light by Pentangle
Adrian Parilli
OS Development
Likes: Street music, rum, the beach, nature & fishing
My Album: Electric Ladyland by The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Eduardo Delmoral
OS Development
Likes: Trekking, geopolitical conversations, tech & BBQs.
My Album: Metallica (The Black Album) by Metallica
Peter Carrow
Brand Design
Likes: The great outdoors, my campervan & great music
My Album: Paris, Texas - Original Soundtrack by Ry Cooder

Mat Newcomb
Photography & Video Production
Likes: Guitar, piano, photography and surfing
My Album: OK, Computer by Radiohead

Doug Knox
Chief Storyteller
Likes: water, creatures, commas
My album: Sticky Fingers by The Rolling Stones