The language of emotion

Music is the language of emotion. It evokes powerful memories. It calms. It inspires. And it often taps into the unknown. If you share this appreciation, we’d like to introduce the Melos Audio Triniti – an elegantly hand-crafted music system devoted to the joys of true, immersive listening in high-resolution quality.

Like being there

With this beautifully designed store, stream and play system, you hear what the artist originally wanted you to hear – the finest nuance, the soul-stirring detail. It’s like being there. This is not what you get with over-compressed MP3s and AAC files, however. Triniti is the antidote.

A revelation

The secret to this clean and distortion-free experience is our high-performance Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC). This is technology focused exclusively on sound reproduction that either equals or far exceeds CD quality. And the result is a revelation.