Soundtrack of My Life - by Jon Pearce

Everyone’s life has a playlist, songs that resonate with them individually.  Songs that are etched on the brain and provide a powerful connection to precious memories that can be awaken even upon hearing just a few bars.  As music lovers ourselves we love nothing more than hearing the ‘why’ – why a song means so much to someone and how it’s shaped their life.

This week friend of the brand Jon Pearce shared with us 5 songs that have done exactly that for him.  Read below to find how each song has connected him to a moment.

Here are my 5 tracks that have shaped my’s sooo difficult to get them down to 5!

Here we go...they sort of shaped the last 6 decades of my musical life...

60s - Beatles - Lovely Rita Meter Maid

I distinctly remember exactly where and when it was I heard Sergeant Peppers for the 1st time.

My sister (10 years older than me) introduced me to the Beatles at a very young age when she was a teenage screamer. But she went off them when they went all “hippie”, and I took over. The first album I bought for myself was a Beatles album. Most influential commercial band ever!

70s – Frank Zappa – Cosmik Debris

I discovered Franks music in the early 70s and it expanded my life’s interest in different musical genres and shaped my taste in music...he’s the artist I have seen live the most times and the most albums I own – a complete genius! Music for every mood - I still listen to some almost every day and never get tired of it...I guess that’s because there is so much of it... I chose this one as it is one of his more “accessible” tunes...and what a guitar break! I still turn the guitar break up extra loud every time I hear it!

80s – Etta James – At Last

Ok I know this is a 60s song but it affected my life immensely at the end of the 80s. This is my wife and I’s song. We went to see the movie Rain Man early in our relationship and played the soundtrack every time we were in the car together, and this song became the soundtrack to us falling in love – with each other, and with our passion for road trips! You can’t beat a good road trip playlist! We still do them wherever we go...

90s - 2000s - Muse – Knights of Cydonia

This song is all about my musical relationship with my son Frazer (born 1996). This band were one of our first mutual faves. We saw them a few times, starting with the first rock gig at the new Wembley in 2007? Also, our first festival experience together was at Reading Festival when Muse headlined in 2011 (the first of many). It was the most amazing gig! There was a rainbow over the stage before they came on...and so amazing to hear more than 100,000 people singing along to the lyrics and jumping around to this song! And now he (Frazer) is a professional musician!

2010s – Wild Cherry – Play That Funky Music

Ok, I know this is a 70s song, but it’s in here as I have always loved it and am not much of a dancer (actually I can’t dance at all really). Not many songs are guaranteed to get me up to flail about on the dance floor but this is one of’s in this time frame, because one of the best parties we ever held at home was my 60th (in 2017) and this was played at that and got everyone up to dance!

Music is the best!