The ultimate at-home
Digital audio music experience

For music lovers who want the convenience of streaming music AND the quality of a high-resolution music system


with the music you love


the quality of sound you've missed


your music collection

What's the real cost of 1,000 songs in your pocket?

Remember when listening to music was a mesmerising, all encompassing experience?

You deserve to feel that again.

What is Melos Audio Triniti?

Triniti is the home for your entire music collection, enabling you to store, stream & play your digital music collection in an uncompressed format.

Its high quality DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor) allows you to listen to music at a level of sound quality you've probably never heard in your own home before.

Your CD collection can also be digitally copied onto Triniti, enabling you to easily play your favourite tracks, without having to insert discs.

It connects to Active/Powered speakers or an amplifier and speakers in your main listening zone, and can stream to other Wi-Fi or Apple AirPlay enabled speakers around your home.

Wrapped in a premium aluminium shell, fronted by a hand crafted walnut bezel, Triniti has a sleek, flowing aesthetic rarely seen in the world of audio. This is not another boring, black box.

Controlled from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, Triniti connects directly to your internet router via ethernet cable. With no buttons or remote control, it really is a neat, one-box solution.



Triniti looks good and sounds great. I'm hearing detail in music that I've not heard before, even though I've listened to it many times before. The multi-room feature enables me to listen to what I want to in my office and my husband can listen to his own music in his man cave. Perfect!

Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

I've loving the design of Triniti - it looks very sleek yet unobtrusive in my home. My music sounds fantastic and roon is super easy to use.

Farnham, Surrey

After years of listening to streamed music via a bluetooth speaker, I'm hearing all of the detail in my music again that I haven't heard in a long, long time.

West London

I was lucky enough to have an early prototype of Triniti, that I'm still using now. It works very well and easily integrates with my existing HiFi equipment. Triniti and roon fulfill my digital audio requirements perfectly, and my turntable fulfills the rest!

Worthing, West Sussex

3 steps to the ultimate at-home, digital audio music experience

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Be amongst the first to reconnect with what music is supposed to sound like. Rediscover the pure joy of an all-encompassing hi-fidelity music experience.

Love your music again

Welcome music back into your life like a long-lost friend, as you relish the convenience of streaming music with the mesmerizing quality of a high-resolution audio system! 

Are you OK with having less?

Listening to your music through the Melos Audio Triniti is like ....

Triniti & Roon in Perfect Harmony

Each unit comes with a free 12 month's subscription to Roon - in our opinion, the best music library management and control software ever conceived.

Triniti is the Roon Core, or brain, of your home music system, managing your music files, streaming services and your audio devices.

Hand-pick your playlist, or sit back and let Roon do the work for you. Rediscover old favourites, find new ones and explore reviews, tour dates, bios, photos and more.

Roon brings all your music together, so you can search for composers, performers, producers, genres, styles, or just about anything else, without thinking about where it lives.

Play a different song in every room, or play the same music all around your home. Triniti and Roon work perfectly together to bring you the ultimate at-home digital audio music experience.

Learn more about roon at

Enjoy a never-ending stream of high-res music

To ensure a hi-fidelity music experience, Roon only supports integration with high-res streaming services from TIDAL or Qobuz. You can easily import your own existing digital audio collection onto Triniti. However, if it is not CD quality, just bear in mind it may sound a little flat and lifeless compared to the high-res quality offered by TIDAL or Qobuz. If you own a CD collection, we will rip up to 250 CDs in lossless (uncompressed) format for you at no extra charge. Simply send them to us and we will copy them onto your new Triniti, so it arrives pre-loaded and ready to go.

Designed and assembled by hand in England

Proudly British

Triniti was brought to life by a British Product Design Team, and every unit is meticulously assembled by hand in the UK.

Kind to the planet

Every single element of Triniti’s enclosure is made from materials that are either 100% recyclable or biodegradable.

A thing of beauty

Triniti’s sustainably-sourced walnut wood bezels are hand-sanded and oiled, to achieve their premium fit and finish.

Supporting small, local businesses

Wherever possible, all Triniti’s component suppliers are UK based, supporting the local economy and reducing our carbon footprint.

You deserve a full and rich music experience.

Stop settling for less.