Soundtrack of My Life - by Kim Garsed-Bennet

Everyone’s life has a playlist, songs that resonate with them individually. Songs that are etched on the brain and provide a powerful connection to precious memories that can be awaken even upon hearing just a few bars. As music lovers ourselves we love nothing more than hearing the ‘why’ – why a song means so much to someone and how it’s shaped their life. This week our very own Marketing Director, Kim Garsed-Bennet, shared with us 5 songs that have done exactly that for her. Read below to find how each song influenced her.

Ironic – Alannis Morisette
I was going on holiday to north Wales with my family, it must have been 95/96 – the journey was about 5 hours long, in a bid to stop us fighting and arguing as obviously there were no phones or ipads in those days, my parents let us choose the music. We had an old green Nissan Serena with a tape player, and we listened to the ‘Jagged Little Pill’ album back to back on repeat. This song takes me straight back to that holiday, precious family time.

Changes – Tupac
I have two older brothers and they both went through a rap stage as inevitably I did too. This song reminds me of my brothers Renault 5, windows down, blaring out as we drove down the high street. I now shock/appall my kids as I seamlessly perform this number at any given opportunity.

Sail On – Lionel Ritchie
My mum introduced me to Lionel Ritchie when I was at school. I took the back to front album away with me on my first holiday without my parents – I went with my best friend and her parents. Initially she mocked me but was soon sharing a headphone and since become a big Lionel Fan. I’ve actually been to see him live a couple of times, once with my eldest brother and later with my husband.

This Charming Man – The Smiths
In my first year of Uni I shared halls with an eclectic mix of people, we were an unlikely group of friends, but we all bonded over music. We each bought a different genre to the table, and many of the bands I was introduced to I would have never found without that year of musical discovery. There are tons of songs I could have chosen from this time, but I went with my gut and chose this, it always makes me smile.

Dreams – Fleetwood Mac
I’ve always love Fleetwood Mac – well for as long as I can remember – my mum introduced them to me when I was just a kid. It’s a mutual love shared between my husband and I. For his 40th we went to Wembley to see them with some dear friends. There are so many amazing Fleetwood mac songs but I always seem to put this one on first and I love it now just as much as the first time I heard it.

Wow what a mix! This was so much harder than I thought it would be. I changed my mind about 5 times, why….. why only 5!