Soundtrack of My Life - by Katherine Ray

Everyone’s life has a playlist, songs that resonate with them individually.  Songs that are etched on the brain and provide a powerful connection to precious memories that can be awaken even upon hearing just a few bars.  As music lovers ourselves we love nothing more than hearing the ‘why’ – why a song means so much to someone and how it’s shaped their life.

This week friend of the brand Katherine Ray shared with us 5 songs that have done exactly that for her.  Read below to find how each song influenced her.

Song 1 – Annie’s Song by John Denver.
This was the first song that I remember hearing. I listened to it on my grandma’s cassette player in a visit to see her down in Eastbourne. I remember playing it over and over again as I loved it and it’s a song that has stayed with me my entire life. I love John Denver’s voice and folk/countryness of his music. It also brings back fond memories of visits to see the seaside to see my grandma and those innocent, simple childhood days.

Song 2 – I Say a Little Prayer by Aretha Franklin.
I was introduced to Aretha Franklin and this song in my teens by a wonderful friend of my brother called Fiona Campbell who was incredible musical herself but who is sadly no longer with us. I’m so glad she played this song to me as my love of Aretha started there and then. Her voice is totally unique, her musicality off the scale. She simply is a soul legend.

Song 3 – Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack.
I bought their album Blue Lines in my first year at University and there was one song that I pretty much played on repeat and this was it. I absolutely love this song, it’s as good now as it was back then and it’s a song I could listen to over and over again and never tire of it.

Song 4 – We Have All The Time In The World by Louis Armstrong.
This was the song we played at our wedding for our first dance. I’ve always loved Louis’s voice and the lyrics were very poignant for the occasion. I am also a massive James Bond fan, and this song featured in one of my favourite James Bond films – OHMSS, so it’s always been a special song and made even more special that we played it at our wedding.

Song 5 – Sir Psycho Sexy by The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
I discovered this album courtesy of my older brother when I was 13 much to parents’ disgust, as the album came with a parental guidance sticker on the front! I was mesmerised by the album artwork and painstakingly drew it one day! It was my introduction to the band which has now become my favourite band of all time. I love their sound, the variety of songs on this album and the lyrical genius that is Anthony Kiedis. Plus you have Chad Smith – one of the best drummers in the world, Flea – on bass who is probably the greatest bassist of all time and the legendary John Frusciante on guitar whose musicality is on another planet. Whilst it’s not one of their well known songs and the lyrics are questionable in parts, the guitar solo at the end is just brilliant.

I just want to add that it’s been incredibly hard to choose just 5 SONGS!! I’ve missed out so many amazing songs and artists but you made me choose 5 when 50 wouldn’t have been enough!